Pennytown Historic Site is located 6 miles south of Marshall, MO, just off highway 65.

If you are heading south from Marshall on 65, turn left onto Highway H. If you are heading north on 65 from the 65/I-70 junction, you’ll be turning right onto Highway H.

Once you are on Highway H, proceed east approximately one mile to Kittyhawk Ave and turn right. Pennytown Historic Site is about 1.5 miles south on the left side of Kittyhawk Ave (just past 165th Road and MFA Research Farm Lake).

4 thoughts on “Directions

  1. I would like to visit Marshall and am particularly interested in Pennytown Church. Is it possible to arrange a tour of the actual church building?

    1. Hi Licia,
      If you send an email to, I think one of the board members should be able to help you arrange a visit to the church. Homecoming is also a good opportunity to visit the church. It the first Sunday in August and is open to everyone.
      Todd Lawrence
      Site Custodian

  2. GPS location is 39.01611671948114, -93.17416725354757 in case that helps anyone. On Google Maps (and others) Kitty Hawk shows as County Road 205.

    As you are following Kitty Hawk/CR 205 south, if you get to the point where the road curves 90 degrees west you have gone about 1200 feet too far.

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