Homecoming 2020 is Canceled

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the canceling of Pennytown Homecoming 2020 because of Covid 19. We certainly hope that things are getting back to normal by August, but the Friends of Pennytown Historic Site thought it best to cancel this year’s celebration. We hope to see you on August 2nd, 2021 for a celebration of 150 years of Pennytown. Until then, please stay safe and healthy!

Join Us for 2019 Pennytown Annual Homecoming

Join us on Sunday, August 4 for our next Annual Homecoming celebration. We will meet at Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church at 11:00 am followed by lunch and fellowship at the Martin Community Center in Marshall.

See our “Homecoming” page for details on this year’s Annual Homecoming celebration.

Rain Doesn’t Dampen 2017 Homecoming Spirit

Thanks to everyone who came out to Pennytown Homecoming yesterday. It may have been rainy and cold, but that didn’t keep family and friends from gathering to celebrate the legacy of Pennytown. Special thanks to Chris Chamberlain (pictured with wife Kelsey and son Wyatt) of The Floor Guys for the refinished church floor. This beautiful floor is the last of renovations made possible by our recent fundraising campaign. Thanks so much to all who donated. You have helped us make the Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church both beautiful and structurally sound for years to come!

Pennytown Homecoming 2017


It’s almost time for Pennytown Homecoming 2017! We invite everyone to come join us in celebrating the history and legacy of Pennytown, MO, an historic black hamlet of Saline County.

Homecoming will be a great opportunity for you to see the improvements that have been made to Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church as a result of the generous donations made during our 2016 fundraising campaign. We raised $5000 to help preserve the church, and all improvements have been completed in time for 2017 Homecoming. We thank all of you whose generosity made these improvements possible.

The celebration will begin at Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church at 11:00 am on Sunday, August 6th. Following music and services, we will move to the Martin Center in Marshall (1985 South Odell) for lunch and fellowship at 12:30 pm.

We look forward to seeing all of our friends and family on August 6th!

(Please click on the “Directions” link above for instructions on how to get to Pennytown.)

Friends of Pennytown 2016 Fundraising Campaign Ends

Aunt Willean

Friends of Pennytown Historic Site would like to thank all the wonderful donors who made contributions during our recent fundraising campaign. Counting both online and offline contributions, we raised nearly $5000. We could not have expected such amazing generosity and support. This money will be used to make repairs and improvements to Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church. The church is the last standing structure of Pennytown, Missouri, and your donations will insure that it stands for many years to come. Thanks to all our friends, family, and supporters!

Thank You for the Donations!

Our campaign to make repairs to the Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church has raised an incredible $1800 in only two weeks. Thank you to all the generous folks who contributed. This will help us make important repairs that will insure the Church remains in good condition for years to come. We are still raising money — today at Pennytown Homecoming, and over the next week online — so there is still time to give if you haven’t yet done so. Thanks again to all Friends of Pennytown!

Click here to contribute.



Fundraising Campaign for Church Repairs

Dear Pennytown Family, Friends, and Supporters:

In addition to our invitation to attend this year’s annual Pennytown homecoming (below), we’d also like ask for your help. The Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church, the only remaining structure of the largest black hamlet in Saline County, is in need of significant repairs. This past year we were able to replace the windows because of a generous donation. Your continuing contributions have also allowed us to replace the roof and install new doors over the years. In the coming year we need to replace part of the church floor as well as much of the wood on the exterior of the church.

Every year friends and supporters of Pennytown donate generously to help preserve this historic structure, but this year we ask that you give a little more, if you are able, and we ask that you spread the word about Pennytown and our church. For the next month, Friends of Pennytown, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, will be raising funds via a Go Fund Me page and our Facebook page. If you can’t join us for homecoming this year, or if you just want to give in a more convenient way, please go to our page and make a donation. The process is secure and safe, and the money raised will go toward making repairs needed to insure the long life of Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church, a house of worship since 1926.

Our commitment to preserving the church building has been inspired by all those who have worked so diligently over the years to insure its survival, especially the late Josephine R. Lawrence and all the members of the Restoration Committee whose tireless efforts enabled a complete rehabilitation of the church in 1988. It is our responsibility now to carry forward their commitment to preserving the history of this important place and the people who lived there. We ask for your help to continue that work.

All the Best,

Friends of Pennytown Historic Site

2016 Homecoming: Sunday, August 7th

According to tradition, friends and descendants of Pennytown will once again gather to share food, fellowship, and worship on the first Sunday of August.

Please join us on August 7th for our annual celebration of family, community, and heritage. This year’s special guest and speaker will be Bro. Larry McCall of the First Baptist Church of Webster Groves, Mo.

Festivities will begin at the Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church, located just off of Highway 65 between Marshall and the 1-70 junction (see “Directions” tab above). Services will begin at the church at 11:00 am.

Then join us for a delicious meal ($5.00 donation) and fellowship at 12:30 at Martin Community Center (1985 S. Odell, Marshall, Mo).

This event is open to the public and all are invited. Descendants and friends of Pennytown will be honored to welcome any and all to join us!

(Please contact Virginia Huston at 660-229-4185 with any questions or inquiries)

Pennytown Freewill Baptist Church – 2014.





Thanks Again!

Pennytown Homecoming 2015 was a great success. We thank our family and friends for a gracious offering of $824. This money will help us to pay our insurance for the church and will also help us to continue making improvements to the Pennytown Church historic site. We are blessed to have such generous support for Pennytown! Thank you all.

Special thanks to Brother John Anderson and Maxine “Queen Mother” MacFarlane.

Brother John Anderson delivers the message.
Brother John Anderson delivers the message.
Congregants seen through newly installed church windows.
Lawrence family sings “Sweet Sweet Spirit.”